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    Modern agriculture to realize nobody value to protect mechan
    In the process of promoting agricultural mechanization and actively introduce advanced agricultural machinery to replace manual operation, combined with "science and technology to the countryside" to speed up the unmanned plant protection is widely used in the field of mechanization technology in agricultural plant protection, improve the efficiency of agricultural production. 
    A few days ago, a special "efficient unmanned plant protection machinery experiment meeting held in the town of west pier head rice paddies, manufacturers of the plant protection machine with more than 10 minutes to complete the 5 acres of pesticides and spraying of nutrient, speed, let the present head of agricultural machinery cooperatives and planting large delighted. 
    Is a spray painting of the demonstration is 6 meters of the plant protection machine, compact mechanical structure, automatic performance is good, load is bigger, convenient and quick prescription, high spraying efficiency, can according to the needs of crop growth characteristics and cultivation management work, an hour can be sprayed with 50 to 70 mu, the efficiency is higher than artificial at least 15 times, average can save cost 10 yuan per mu. It is understood that this kind of machine with high pressure atomized spray system make the droplets size smaller, resulted from the downward flow of rotor droplets bead are more likely to adhere to the surface of crops and pest, save more than 30% of the quantity, and the effects are more likely to play. At the same time, the plant protection machine can away from people and operators, reduce environmental workers exposed to the opportunity, avoid the harm of human body in the process of manual operation. 
    Witnessed a shuttle in the field of plant protection machine, several of agricultural machinery cooperatives head felt the plant protection machine with high efficiency, low cost, good effect, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, etc. Inspired their investment enthusiasm of agricultural machinery, using the new machinery, new technology. 
    It is understood that in early 2015, the ministry of agriculture, the use of "zero growth" action started the chemical fertilizers, to adjust measures to local conditions to promote modern plant protection machinery, including unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and see business opportunities of agricultural machinery manufacturers began to preempt the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market, but as a new thing, the current domestic agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for lack of a unified industry standards, in terms of operating procedures, management mechanism is not sound. Judging from the city, the agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) not included in the farm machinery purchase subsidy directory, but the related research and demonstration work has been started, so on the introduction and promotion of the farm drones a cautious attitude, farm machinery cooperative and large agricultural machinery purchase on their own, also want to rational treatment. 

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